At Landscape Pros we can create for you a landscape that will reflect your own vision and will be unique. We have been providing landscape services since 1988 and have increased the value of a lot of homes in Easton, MA. Let us create you a property that will make you proud to be the owner and want to share it with others. Intelligent landscape design combines sensibility and understanding. Our designs burst with creativity and functionality. They will know your budget specifications and they will be very understanding. We’ll meet you with experienced and talented landscape designers in order to creating your unique garden.

Landscape Pros
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The design and building process begins with ideas from our team of professionals, including landscape designers and architects, who will work with you to bring your landscaping dreams to life. We know our work doesn’t end with the installation. We are as concerned with the long-term success of your landscape as we are with the design and installation. Our company is well-known as reliable landscaper in Easton, MA.

We can’t say enough about the job done by Landscape Pros. Our home has so much curb appeal, it’s simply beautiful. We love relaxing in our backyard too. It’s like our own private oasis. Great job!.

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Landscape ServiceHave you ever felt there are not enough hours in the day? We all know what a hassle it can be to mow your lawn on the weekend, when you’d rather be doing something else. Why not let Landscape Pros take your lawn care requirements away from you?  We have the resources and staff to handle any situation and do a professional job. Each landscaper, at Landscape Pros, is highly trained and experienced. The successful outcome for your lawns is 100 % guaranteed.

Lawn care Landscape Pros is different than lawn care in that it deals directly with the beauty of the garden. Hiring the wrong lawn maintenance company could result in a damaged lawn and months of intense lawn care to repair the damage done. Landscape Pros is a professional when it comes to your lawn. We look at each lawn and decide the best way to treat it, individually.

You will be very pleased with the high quality landscape service you receive. Landscape Pros landscapes will create a better living environment for you and your family. It can also add value to your property.

Unique landscape design

poolside patio, an impressive driveway or front walk will add a unique look and increase the amount you use the open space around your house. Landscape Pros can transform your property into the place of your dreams, while also adding significant value to your home. With our patio service you can create various types and styles of walkways or driveways.
Why us?
You will love your new landscaping. We will expand your living space by making the landscaping a whole new part of your home. We will also increase the value of your property. From the most simple lawn maintenance to grand design projects – you can count on us. All you need to do is dial (508) 238-7022 and speak with one of our friendly landscapers.

Our specialties
Landscape Pros is here to help you grow your grass greener! We can provide you with the information on how we will take care of your lawn to include mowing, killing weeds, fertilizing, watering your grass, seeding or over-seeding your lawn, re-thatching and aerating the lawn. Through water management, we can improve sprinkler system performance and ensure you will get the best results in all the areas of your landscape.

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